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The Home Buying Process – What You Need To Know

I have provided a quick overview of all the steps you take on the road to home ownership. It by no means covers every detail along the way but it provides you with the issues and milestones along the way.  Buying a home is becoming increasingly more complex every year and new steps appear almost routinely, many of which are designed to protect home buyers. The road will seem complicated, often repetitive and sometimes frustrating but with my 20 plus years of full time experience and my dedication to my clients, I will guide you every step of the way.

Selecting Your Realtor

Choosing a Realtor to help and guide you in the most important purchase you are likely to make can be a scary task and you need to know that the agent you select is not only extremely knowledgeable but also can represent your best interest. My future business comes from referrals and grows every year, so for me, I must remain dedicated to my slogan “Earning Your Trust.. By Exceeding Your Expectations” and that dedication is what you need to look for.

Rely on my 20 plus years of full time expertise to guide you through home inspections, the mortgage loan process and so much more that takes place on the way to handing you the keys to your new home.

Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval

It is certainly getting tougher to get a mortgage loan with all of the new regulations that have been put in place since the big mortgage melt-down that has taken place in recent years. We can put you in contact with seasoned mortgage professionals to walk you through the steps of qualifying for a home loan. Getting pre-approved is an essential first step in the process as it places you in  a much stronger position when you make an offer on what you are hoping is your new home. Home sellers will not take your offer seriously without knowing that you are in a position to move forward.

A skilled mortgage lender will help you understand the different types of loans available to you and can explain to you why one particular loan type is more suited to your individual needs than another.  It is often the case that a home buyer qualifies for a loan much more than he or she is comfortable with and being “house poor” is not a good feeling. The mortgage lender will help you with these issues and give you guidance that can be helpful.

Now.. To Find That Home..

Sue BrownsmithI have tried to make it easy for you on my site to search for just the right home.  You have full access to the mls (multiple list service) that covers our market area so begin jotting down all of the key things you are looking for and the budget you have set after talking with the mortgage lender.  Consider all of the basics such as bedrooms , basement, house style and do not overlook location and neighborhood. Consider locations that work for you with regard to commuting as well as local amenities that are important to your lifestyle.  Save your searches so you can get frequent updates sent to your email.

When you are ready to view homes that meet you needs, do not try to look at too many at once. After a long day of looking at homes, they tend to blur together and after about 8 homes in a single session details can get mixed up. When the physical search starts, it is not uncommon to find that you need to adjust your search parameters. That is perfectly normal and expected.