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Selling Your Home – From Start to Finish

We have tried here to provide an outline of the multiple steps involved with the sale of your home. While we cannot cover every minute detail here, we can highlight the various milestones that occur in pretty much every real estate transaction.  The entire process can be very complex and detailed and our job is to guide you every step of the way to a successful conclusion

Selecting Your Realtor – A Daunting Task

Your home is most likely your most important asset so the job of selecting a Realtor can be scary. Not all Realtors are the same and while there are many that are knowledgeable and will take care of your best interests, there are many that are just the opposite. Take a few minutes to review the listing presentation included on our website to learn a little about us, our experience, our background and more.  Our slogan “Earning Your Trust… By Exceeding Your Expectations” has been our motto for many years and we strive to meet that goal with every client. Listing Presentation

Pricing Your Home

Now you have homed in on a Realtor that can get the job done it is time to focus on accurate pricing. In the listing presentation is some good data on the effects of over pricing as well as under pricing. With today’s buyers being more educated and knowledgeable than ever before it is essential that the price is set right from the beginning. Do not be misled by agents who try to “buy” your listing by agreeing to list at a number that is not supported by the current market.Listing Presentation

It’s Showtime…

A critical part of selling your home is preparing your home for sale. Keep in mind that when we market your home we take many photos both inside and out.  Your home needs to show as well in photos as it does in person. Your entire household will need to be a part of this effort so that when your home is shown, it looks as good as it did on the day we came to take the photo’s.

When showings are scheduled plan for everyone, and if possible your dog(s) to be out of the home.  It is very important that the buyer can focus and is not distracted or feeling “watched over”. There is an overview of preparing your home for the market in our listing presentation that will give you plenty of tips on how to enhance curb appeal and spruce up the interior. Listing Presentation

How times have changed

Not so long ago, homes that were listed for sale were published in a MLS book with a single small photo and brief description. This was supplemented by weekly update sheets faxed between offices.  Today to gain the exposure for your home we do none of that. Everything is internet based and the key to internet listing success is syndication. When we syndicate your listing, it is immediately made available over a large network of syndication sites making it instantly available worldwide.  The most prominent of these are names you will likely recognize such as Zillow and Trulia to mention just a couple.  A recent study by the National Association of Realtors confirms that more buyers find their homes on their own and without the participation of a real estate professional or Realtor.

Listing Presentation

We really encourage you to take a few minutes to go over our listing presentation. You will learn a little more about ourselves, Long & Foster and how together we can provide all of the tools, both simple and high technology tools, to generate a successful sale of your property.